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ONLINE Addiction Recovery Rooted & Grounded in God's Word

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Here is where addiction recovery leads to being fully recovered!

With Jesus Christ, your story CAN be rewritten!

You're Here for a Reason!
No need to wait another moment to begin your journey back to life!

It's time to rewrite your story!

Recovery Room & Includes:

  • Powerful Discipleship that Destroys Addictive Behaviors

  • Professional Life Coaches, certified in many areas, and able to properly guide you

  • One-on-one Transformational Recovery Coaching

  • Professional Teachers, Certified by the world renown Adult & Teen Challenge

  • Non-Denominational & 100% Biblical

  • Live Sessions Via Zoom & Phone

  • All the Support You Need Between Sessions

  • The Secret to ELIMINATING the chance of ever going back to addiction again

  • A brand new and authentic life in Christ is available to you with never-ending second chances

  • We stand on the healing promises of God, not the frailties and theories of man

Are you ready?

Recovery is a Road you have to travel on only ONCE!

Recovery is a time of awakening!

When you go through Recovery here, it's a Biblical journey based on the promises of the One True Living God of the Bible. Once you receive Salvation, through Jesus Christ, you become "heirs to His promises". One of many of His promises is to set you FREE!

Your road to a complete and full recovery is a beautiful one! It's filled with understanding your Divine purpose here on earth, God's wisdom, and even supernatural experiences. Life just makes sense as you journey forward.

Addiction is a spiritual battle. Once addiction sets in, it becomes a physical disability that needs to be healed both physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Once you're fully medically detoxed, we lead you down the Road!
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

From the comfort of home!

Except for a rare number of exceptions, you don't have to be warehoused in some cold facility and be with people who you may conflict with you! You can have your recovery on your terms, in your home! Engaging your family members in your recovery provides for a quicker and better experience for all.

It's so very important to be able to relax during recovery so that you can focus and enjoy your one on one time with video sessions and phone sessions.

We can engage your family member so that they understand you better and can participate. Addiction & Recovery are family issues - not just yours.

Begin to re-imagine your future!

Dreams come true here because we give you the truth that enables you to put your former life completely behind you and move forward with your dreams.

Don't you want to see your dreams come to pass?
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

Addiction becomes dust in the wind!

Finally, you can kiss addiction goodbye.
It will be as dust in the wind! Forever gone! Never to return!
Don't you want to finally blow it away?

God's promises are REAL!

This program works because it is based on 100% Truth from Scripture.
You won't find 'disease theories' here!
Addiction comes from brokenness, not a theorized 'disease'!
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

We're sure you have questions!

We understand you have lots of questions, and we're here to respond to each and every one of those questions.

Although we could offer you a list of frequently asked questions, we'd much rather spend a little phone time with you to answer all of your concerns. This way, we can carry on a dialogue which will help you much more.

Yes, our phone conversation is, of course, FREE!

No money? No worries!

We are here to help you through a successful recovery. That said, if you have financial issues, we simply ask you to complete a financial assistance form. All you have to do is provide proof of income. Once you do, your fee will be adjusted anywhere from zero (no fee at all), to whatever you are able to afford based on your income. We don't want to turn anyone away.

We are a federally approved and charitable 501(c) 3 nonprofit Christian corporation, so if you have a partial or full fee to pay, it's all 100% tax deductible!
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

Faith in action!

You'll be taught how to walk out your faith.
It is only by your faith that you can you grow, heal,
and be given a brand new beautiful lifel.

Recovery ends & a new life begins!

Knowing you're healed, NOT diseased, is such an amazing moment!
It's a moment that takes your breath away!
It's a moment the you know you have found the Truth!
It's a moment when you realize you will
never have to struggle with addiction again!
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377


"Be still, and know that I Am God."
(Psalm 46:10)

" They are not part of this world any more than I Am.
Make them pure and holy through teaching them
Your words of Truth."
(John 17:16-17)


" And do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove what is that
good and acceptable and perfect will of God. "
(Romans 12:2)


" But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint. ."
(Isaiah 40:31)

" After you have suffered a little while,
our God, who is full of kindness through Christ,
will give you his eternal glory.
He personally will come and pick you up,
and set you firmly in place, and make you stronger than ever. "
(1 Peter 5:10)
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

Who are we?

Bill (President) & Dina (VP) Perkins are the co-founders and executive directors
of Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc / Recovery Room 7.

At Recovery Room 7, we have life coaches certified in mental health, leadership, and marriage.
Our coaches are also have their teaching and facilitator certifications from
the world renown Adult & Teen Challenge program.
Two of our coaches are also ordained ministers, permitting them to be lay
Biblical counselors as well.
Dina Perkins is also a member, in good standing, of the AACC
(American Association of Christian Counselors), and is a retired nurse.

All of that said, we also have the most amazing,
diversified, and talented Board of Directors who oversee all operations.

*Credentials available upon request.

There are no covid worries here!

We are 100% virtual.

You're totally safe with us😊

What about family members struggling with a loved one's addiction and/or recovery

Family Support is so important to the person who is recovering. This support and understanding of family members can be the tipping point in many cases.

We provide help and support for household family members who are trying to cope with and understand a loved one's addiction and recovery.

We help the family see through the eyes of God and their struggling loved one. Just because you are a family member doesn't mean you understand addiction or recovery. We're here to help you and to help you help him or her.
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

Want a reason to get out of bed?

We can offer you many reasons to get out of bed everyday,
within the scope of our volunteer opportunities.

C'mon, get on board by giving of yourself and paying it forward!
Without exception, we're all volunteers here at Recovery Room 7.

If you're interested, just contact us below.

Is there more to tell you about Recovery Room 7?
You bet there is!
There's so much more to say; however,
you'll have to call and speak with us to learn more
about how we work and how we can help you!
Please contact us right below!
call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

Comprehensive Telehealth Monthly Membership

A portion of our funding comes from our relationship as authorized brokers, with the most comprehensive and finest telehealth membership plan on planet earth.
A household of up to 8 people costs only $29.95 per month.
There are no consultation fees and no added extras.
Doctors are available 24/7, 365 for conditions that are not life threatening.
It's just the one low fee for everything! Please visit our link below:

call/text: (406) 382-0372
voicemail only: (406) 552-0377

Teshuvah Road Ministries Inc
Recovery Room 7
PO Box 146
Hot Springs MT 59845

The Final End to Addiction Begins with True Salvation

Partnering with us with your giving,
makes all the difference!

None of us in this ministry are fueled by salaries or bonuses.
This mission is from God, and is a sacrificial a work of the heart.
That said, we still need resources to keep doing
what we're doing and grow.
So, if you feel led to donate, please do!
We need funding for free and partial scholarships, Bibles, participants' supplies, better video conferencing capabilities, internet services, awards to motivate
our participants, day to day expenses,
and getting the word out that we're here.

All donations are 100% tax deductible,
as we are a 501(c)3 nonoprofit corporation.

Please donate by clicking the link below!
Thank you!


We are a BIBLE BASED NON-CLINICAL RECOVERY MINISTRY that implements highly skilled coaching, mentoring, Biblical counseling, and teaching skills as our tools for healing, with the Holy Bible as our source for everything we do. We are a viable alternative to conventional clinical rehabs for those of faith. We are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care that may be required. We are a qualified addiction and recovery ministry outreach with a team that are certified Adult & Teen Challenge Teachers and Certified Christian Life Coaches in a variety of areas, as well as mentors, lay Biblical counselors, facilitators and ordained ministers. We are not to be confused with being a licensed conventional medical rehab or detox facility, or licensed mental health professionals who conduct group and private clinical therapy sessions. All of that said, we are a highly effective program that brings alive the promises of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and His complete healing.

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